U.C. Berkeley Calendar Network

Allison Bloodworth

Myra Liu

Nadine Fiebrich

Zhanna Shamis

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Problem Statement
3. Goal, Requirements, & Objectives
3.1. Goal
3.2. Requirements
3.3. Objectives
4. Constraints
4.1. Working in the University Environment
4.2. Different Levels of Technical Expertise
4.3. Implementing an Enterprise-wide Architecture on Campus
5. Research and Development Methodology
5.1. Event Modeling
5.1.1. Use of the Document Engineering Methodology
5.1.2. Modeling Process
5.2. The Calendar Management Tool & Web-based Calendar
5.2.1. Needs Assessment
5.2.2. Competitive Analysis
5.2.3. Usability Testing & Interface Design
6. System Design
6.1. Architecture
6.2. Functional Specification for the Calendar Management Tool
6.2.1. Event Manager
6.2.2. Format Calendar
7. Future of the Project
Appendix A. The Event Model
Appendix B. Calendar Owner Interview Questionnaire
Appendix C. Summarized Calendar Owner Interview Notes
Appendix D. Task Scenarios
1. Scenario #1
2. Scenario #2
3. Scenario #3
Appendix E. Lo-Fi Prototype Screenshots
Appendix F. First Interactive Prototype Screenshots
Appendix G. Second Interactive Prototype Screenshots
Appendix H. Usability Testing Notes
Appendix I. Usability Survey
Appendix J. Calendar Styles