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T1: Introduction to Non-Statistical Natural Language Processing
Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto
Tuesday May 27 morning  more...

T2: Information Retrieval Systems as Integration Platforms for Language Technologies
Douglas Oard, University of Maryland
Tuesday May 27 morning  more...

T3: Speech Recognition and Understanding
Alex Acero, Microsoft
Tuesday May 27 morning  more...

T4: Language Modeling
Joshua Goodman, Microsoft
Tuesday May 27 morning  more...

T5: What's New in Statistical Machine Translation
Kevin Knight and Philipp Koehn, USC/ISI
Tuesday May 27 afternoon  more...

T6: Annotation of Temporal and Event Expressions
James Pustejovsky, Brandeis University and Inderjeet Mani, MITRE
Tuesday May 27 afternoon  more...

T7: NLP R&D and Commercial Deployment
Mark Wasson, Lexis Nexis
Tuesday May 27 afternoon  more...

T8: Optimization, Maxent Models, and Conditional Estimation
without Magic

Christopher Manning and Dan Klein, Stanford University
Tuesday May 27 afternoon  more...

T9: Automatic Speaker and Language Recognition
Doug Reynolds and Marc Zissman, MIT Lincoln Lab
Tuesday May 27 afternoon  more...