Spyn: Weaving Memories into Handcraft

Spyn addresses a largely unexplored domain of design: the infusion of technology into the production of handcrafted artifacts. Tension between these two seemingly incongruent domains — handcraft and computing — introduces many questions for the designer. Spyn is a system for knitters to virtually weave stories into their hand knit creations. Using Spyn, a knitter can record, playback and share information involved in the creation of hand knit products. Spyn uses patterns of infrared ink printed on yarn in combination with computer vision techniques to correlate locations in knit fabric with events recorded during the knitting process. When knitters photograph yarn knit, Spyn analyzes the ink patterns on the knit material and visualizes events over the photograph of the knit. Without changing the creative practice, Spyn provides opportunities for twining contextual information with the artifact, enabling new avenues for creative exploration in handcraft.

Greenscreen: Imaging Urban Green Space

Environmental concerns and technology development are often discussed in opposition, imagined as “green space” versus “screen space.” Greenscreen is a design exploration into their intersection. It aims to spur engagement with issues of energy conservation, civic participation, and land use through playful and accessible information visualization on the most commonly available computing platform today: mobile phones. It also critically examines whether and how people change their behavior in response to interactive systems that track and expose environmental data.