Introducing iFlix

iFlix is an incredibly simple new member of the Apple iLife product suite, designed to help today's media-savvy generation manage the movie files on their computers and the pointers to streaming video files. Inspired by the cataloging and metadata management of iTunes, and by the visual display and other interactions developed in iPhoto, iMovie, and even Safari, iFlix also incorporates the best of cutting edge ideas about image summaries of video clips and video annotation.

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iFlix provides an otherwise-unavailable mechanism for computer users to create simple summaries of video. Self-serving (rather than authoritative) information about the video content is created, managed, edited, imported, shared. By using iFlix, people fulfill their own needs while simultaneously enhancing the pool of metadata annotation available for video content.

Who will use iFlix?

iFlix is designed to be usable by people who enjoy flicks (video). 

The application supports a range of interaction with the user's collection of flicks, from simply cataloging, grouping, browsing, and searching among a collection, to adding value to the metadata about a particular flick, to sharing; lists of flicks, metadata about flicks, and the location of flicks with friends.

We expect iFlix to be used by "The Organizer" - people who have a need to organize the various video clips and pointers on their computer, "The Fan" - people who follow and annotate a particular media series as a creative expression, and "The Socializer" – people for whom collecting, commenting on and sharing video experiences is a social activity.

What's available on this site?

These webpages are designed to give you an introduction to iFlix, and provide access to all materials produced during our design process. Screenshots show the alpha and beta (final) stages of the design. Click through the iFlix Presentation to get the Big Picture, or download our final report for The Detailed Picture, including descriptions of the intended functionality of each feature in the design. Potential "Socializers" provided us with user feedback on the alpha screenshots, and additional feedback from the multimedia professionals present at our presentation is incorporated throughout the final report.