InSite is a mobile app platform that allows people listen to audio stories based on their location. Users explore stories in their local neighborhoods and listen to them at the location where it happened.

  • InSite walks users through curated tours of interesting landmarks or enables free exploration near users’ current location.
  • Stories are all audio narratives from communities and individuals who have been traditionally denied a voice.
  • Story content comes from recognized organizations (historical societies, local governments, researchers, community-based organizations, etc).


To read more about our motivations and design process, read our project report


This project set out to connect people with the untold stories of their surroundings by building a platform that associates place-based audio stories to their geographical location. We want to promote understanding and enhance user’s experience with their physical environment.


For our first proof of concept, we’ve built a working app for Albany Bulb, a former landfill in Albany popular for its artwork and views of the Bay. Our app can be accessed here(works best on smart phones).


Code used in InSite is opensource and available here.

About Us:

InSite is a final project for the Masters of Information Management Systems programs at UC Berkeley School of Information. Team members include Sandra Lee, Robyn Perry, and Paul Young.