Econ 201

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The paragraphs below describe the evolution of the Economics 201 site from the original to the proposed site to the revised sites. Most of the sections include links to the actual sites, however, you may click here to view before and after screen grabs.

1 Original site
Prof. Steven Goldman designed the original site for his course which included links to a class mailing list, newsgroup, notes, syllabus, "ideas", problem sets and contact information. See copy of original site. (Note: This is only for reference; all links are inactive.)
2 Proposed site
Although the original site provided valuable information, the layout forced users to scroll up and down the page to find links. To improve navigation and maintain consistency, I proposed creating a site-wide menu. The menu prioritized sections and grouped related information, i.e. placing the newsgroup and mailing list under a subscriptions heading. When users were in a particular section of the site, I inserted a black arrow beside the section name on the menu bar. In addition, I proposed adding the following elements:
  • Announcements area on the front page which could be updated on a regular basis.
  • Course description page.
  • Problem set section.
  • Links to GSI's and Economic's Department email addresses and/or home pages.
  • Archive section to store previous problem sets, exams, notes, etc.
  • Link(s) to economic related search engine(s).
  • Help section with troubleshooting advice.
See copy of proposed site. (Note: This was only for a demo; many links are inactive.)
3 Revised site
During our review of the proposed site, Prof. Goldman was pleased with the navigation solution, but cited the following suggestions and concerns:
  • Lecture notes section was not necessary since he didn't plan to post notes on a regular basis.
  • Getting in touch section seemed confusing since it included a combination of home pages and email addresses. He proposed creating separate Home pages and Getting in touch sections.
  • Providing a link from the menu to a site called "Resources for Economists on the Internet" would be helpful to students.

The first and second recommendations were implemented during our meeting.

4 Current site
After the revisions above were implemented, some minor changes were made to the site:
  • Course description page was reformatted to mirror rest of site, i.e. use of Arial and Helvetica fonts.
  • Heading added to Archive page.
See current site.
5 Future site
Over the remainder of the semester, we plan to implement the following:
  • Utilize server side includes to reduce menu maintenance.
  • Automate mailing list registration process.
  • Expand Problem set section to include midterm and final exams.
  • Create Contact page to include Professor's and GSI's office hours, home pages, etc.

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For further information on the Economics 201 project, contact Suzanne Ginsburg at

(this page last updated 11/7/97)