Welcome to the SIMS Corpus project website!

The SIMS Corpus project is the final project research of Mukesh Darke, Krista Gettle, and Diana Stepner. We are Masters candidates at the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley.

Project Summary

As U.C. Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) ends its seventh academic year, an opportune time presents itself to evaluate SIMS in the context of its mission and student body. The SIMS Corpus project team initially set out to create a data model representative of the SIMS domain, but this proved to be more of a strategic and research oriented exercise than we anticipated. In order to classify SIMS’ academic resources (i.e. identity, courses, and degree tracks), we had to gain some consensus from stakeholders about the current nature and value of the SIMS experience. Our final project highlights the issues we discovered and offers recommendations on how the SIMS experience can be improved.