We are a new media and design research workshop supporting the work of UC Berkeley designers, scientists, and artists. We provide a space for both producing and critically engaging in discussions about new media, design, and its impact on people and society. Through discussions, hands-on workshops, and design research projects, we hope to enable critical views of new media and design as mediated communication between people, cultures, and society.

Our research topics include

• Critical design research processes
• Embodied human computer interactions
• Human centered design
• Rapid prototyping skills and tools
• Experimental methodologies
• Alternative ways to collect and present media/data in research


Our workshop is located at South Hall, UC Berkeley (click here for directions).

The room is equipped with
• Video editing machines
• Video cameras and audio recording tools
• Large flat screen displays
• Workbenches and tools
• Large whiteboards
• Green screens
• Electronic prototyping tools, e.g., interface boards and basic electronic components
• Rapid prototyping materials