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Project Overview 


From 1997-2000, the School of Information Management and Systems administered a grant to develop Web sites for large undergraduate classes here at UC Berkeley. SIMS students were employed as Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) to help faculty build Web sites for their courses.


Instructors benefitted by having student assistance in building Web-based resources for their classes at no charge.

Students were paid for their labor (see Student Jobs). They also gained direct experience creating information environments on the Web, as well as in dealing with client needs. An accompanying seminar for students working on this project explored issues of design and structure of Web-based resources, longevity issues, issues of dealing with clients, and more advanced Web tools.

The Campus benefitted by having more curricular support material available online, and by having much of it done in a standard and consistent way. In time, we expect that these standards and structures will be replicated throughout the campus, resulting in a consistent look-and-feel among Web pages for most UCB courses.

Scope and Duration

The project was operated from the Fall 1997 semester through the Fall 2000 semester. Between 10-15 graduate students worked on the project per semester. 

Funding and Support

A grant of over a quarter-million dollars from an anonymous donor supported student labor and overall administration. The UCB Instructional Technology Program (ITP), through its Faculty Internet Service Center (FISC) project, provided support for automating common and routine curricular support activities. ITP was also instrumental in planning for this project.

Updated: 02/19/01

This is a project of the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

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