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About the Course

SIMS 290-4: Web Site Design & Development
Instructor: Hal Varian
1-unit seminar

This course is intended for SIMS students who are doing paid work maintaining web sites for undergraduate classes at U.C. Berkeley. In a series of seminars, students will explore the issues surrounding the support of web-based resources. Examples from on-the-job experience will fuel discussion about: 

  • Dealing with clients
  • Workflow problems and solutions
  • Good web design and structure
  • Using web "courseware"
  • Incorporating multimedia into a site
  • Web programming and databases
  • Long-term site survival/storage

Enrollment is limited.  

Course Assignments  

There will normally be one major group project each semester. Students may also be asked to complete additional brief web design projects or critiques. 

 This is a project of the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

Last updated: 8/24/99