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FAQ for Prospective Students/Workers 

How much will I be paid? 

As of Fall 1999 the hourly rate for the first semester working on this project is $15.78. This rate is expected to be increased in October 1999, approximately 50-60 cents. In addition students may be eligible for a fee remission.

What are the eligibility requirements for a fee remission?

You must work at least 10 hours per week, or 150 hours in a semester. The fee remission must be planned in advance though, so be sure to let the project manager know if you want to get the remission. For more about fee remissions, visit the University's Graduate Division

How much web development experience do I need?

You should either have knowledge of HTML or have created multiple web pages using a publishing tool such as Composer, Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

Do I have to be a SIMS student?


What kind of appointment will I have?

You will be hired as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR). For more on being a GSR, visit the University's Graduate Division

Will someone work with me to get started?

Yes, you will be partnered with a more experienced student.

Can I do all the work at the beginning of the semester so that I can take it easy over midterm exams and finals?

You will have a great deal of flexibility in your schedule, but you are providing a service for an operational class that has its own schedule that must be met.  In general, work tends to be more concentrated before the semester starts and early in the semester.

What if I don't get enough work or too much work?

The project manager will periodically re-balance the work load among the various students working on the project.  If you feel your work load is inappropriate, let the project manager know.

What's This About Getting Credit?

As a web developer, you will take a one-unit seminar (applicable toward the MIMS degree) in which you will discuss issues that arise from your work. We will cover usability, aesthetics, maintenance, site longevity, portability, and advanced web tools. You will also get valuable input on working with clients. The class meets every week (for the Fall 1999 semester, every Wednesday, 2-4 pm in 205 South Hall), and will help guide your efforts in web design as you discuss problems and their solutions with your colleagues/classmates. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Easy. Just get in touch with the Project Manager and inform her of your interest. You will get a class entry code to register for the class, fill out some forms to make your GSR appointment official and request your fee remission. 

 This is a project of the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

Last updated: 8/24/99