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Develop Web Pages, Get Paid, Get a Fee Remission, and Get Credit Too!

Sound attractive? The School of Information Management and Systems is administering a grant of over a quarter-million dollars to develop web pages for large undergraduate classes here at UC Berkeley. We need self-motivated SIMS students who are looking for a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) position for five to twenty hours weekly. In addition to getting paid $15.78/hour, the position qualifies you for a partial or full remission of your semester registration fees if you register for at least 8 units and work at least 150 hours (10 hours per week) during the semester. (When you include the fee remission, it's like a job that pays almost $23.00/hour). You will get valuable experience dealing with technical issues as well as in dealing with clients.

The Job

You will work directly with faculty in other departments to support their online instructional needs. As mentioned above, the focus will be on building web pages and resources for large undergraduate courses.

You will help faculty design an entire web-based environment for instructional materials. You will help ensure that online material can be reused in subsequent terms (by the same or different instructors). Your course web sites will serve as a record of what actually took place in the class.

You will explore and develop:
  • Design skills for individual web pages
  • Structural arrangement of a web site to enhance navigation
  • Physical, structural, organizational, and logical arrangement of files, links, and directory structures to enhance site portability and longevity
  • Experience in dealing with the information needs of a client in a changing environment
Your specific work-related tasks will include:
  • Creating web sites that can be used with different slants by different instructors over time
  • Creating web sites that will persist over time, even as they are moved to different directories or different servers
  • Creating sets of tools to be used for any course web page (automatic creation of mailing list aliases and spreadsheet grading lists from Registrar records, forms-based sign-up sheets, templates for online quizzes etc.)
  • Creating common resources (lab hours, discipline-based informational links) that cut across a number of classes in a single department
  • Maintaining consistent sets of areas/topics covered (syllabus, readings, class notes, assignments, exercises, links, ...)
  • Maintaining consistent directory structures
  • Learning to deal with faculty as clients
  • Developing consistent good practices in web design including:
    • dating pages
    • using relative links to ease moving to a different server
    • creating and maintaining a uniform "look" so that users know when they leave a particular web site
    • adding metadata for identification and searching
Benefits for You, the Student Web Developer:

Apart from getting paid, a partial or full fee remission, and course credit, you will gain hands-on experience creating learning tools on the web, as well as in dealing with client needs. In effect, you will be getting paid to learn useful and valuable skills while advancing toward your graduate degree. Work in teams with other web developers and have fun doing it. In addition, the work hours are flexible so you work when you want to.

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 This is a project of the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

Last updated: 8/24/99