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Free Course Web Site Development 

Who We Served:
  • UCB faculty members and lecturers teaching large undergraduate courses.
  • Faculty members who wanted to take advantage of the World Wide Web in their teaching.
  • Faculty members who lacked the time or skills needed to establish and maintain their course Web sites. 
  • Faculty members who had developed course Web sites, but who wanted help improving and/or expanding them.

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We Helped Get Course Web Sites Online for Free!

Our team of graduate students provided professional-quality web services to UC Berkeley faculty, with an emphasis in the humanities and social sciences. Thanks to an anonymous grant of over a quarter-million dollars, we provided this valuable service to faculty free of charge.

What We Did, and How

Whether faculty members were web-savvy or not, we helped them set up course Web sites. After determining their needs, we developed sites for them. Upon their approval of the design, we posted the site on their department's web server or, alternatively, on the socrates.berkeley.edu server. Not only did we support and maintain their site for the duration of the semester, but we also trained them and their GSRs to maintain the site for the future if needed.

Benefits for You, the Instructor
UC Berkeley faculty members benefitted by having expert student assistance in building web-based resources for their classes. Our graduate student web designers helped: 

  • post the course description, syllabus, class readings, bibliographies, and assignments 
  • create electronic mailing lists 
  • link to other resources on the Web, including online encyclopedias and journals 
  • maintain a record of what took place in the class 
  • preserve online material so it can be used in future terms 
  • ensure portability of course Web sites so that they would continue to work even when moved to another server 
Examples of our Work!
From 1997-2000, we designed and developed more than 100 course Web sites. Click here for the complete list of course numbers, titles, professors, and designs. 

How to Request Our Services
The Course Web Site Development Project has completed its work for now, but may receive renewed funding for the 2001-2002 academic year. For more information about services currently available to UCB faculty, refer to Cyber Central: The Center for Faculty Educational Development and Technology.

 This is a project of the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

Last updated: 7/19/99